Angela Lewis


An opportunity arose for me to travel to Australia and New Zealand last year during the mid-winter months. New Zealand, was the fairytale setting of stories told throughout my childhood by my grandfather. Central to these stories was the Lewis Pass, a now popular highway spanning from the east to west coasts of NZ’s South Island. This journey became a search for self-discovery and personal growth. My work often focuses on capturing people in an honest, vulnerable light, the result of which can sometimes be uncomfortable for the subject. While visiting the Lewis Pass, I turned the camera on myself to capture self portraits that explore my own vulnerability, my connection to ancestry/ nature, and to challenge the boundaries of my self-image. This difficult and empowering experience resulted in images that explore my connection with the subjects I capture; by including myself as one of them, my inherent desire and need to relate to them revealed itself as a central theme in my work.


With thanks; Sebastian Palfery, Jeremy Lewis, Fortnight Lingerie, Shelby Wright, May Truong, Rico Moran, family, friends & land in OZ and NZ.