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Brooke Wedlock

Our Defining Moments


In order for me to create a series with the theme Bad Behaviour in mind I had to know what the term meant. That search for meaning is what my project became. Defining the term and exploring where our definitions begin as well as when it changes and shifts. I asked 42 women to come to my studio and define the term Bad Behaviour as I photographed them. I chose to photograph women between the ages of 25-35 because I wanted to insert my own narrative into the conversation. I wanted to explore their answers and see how they defined the term for themselves and how they came to these definitions. It was important for me to see how their explanations were similar and different to my own. I pressed the women to reveal what the phrase evoked in them, to speak their minds, and tell me everything. The fact that all of the women approached the subject so differently is what intrigued me. I tried to capture that defining moment for each woman. I wanted to photograph the look in their eyes and their gestures as they told me where Bad Behaviour is prevalent and how it affects them. I myself had to process my own opinions and reminisce about my own experiences. I concluded that it's indefinable because of the way we were raised, how we chose to rebel, and how unique every woman is. And I hope years from now if I ask them again, their answer will be completely different and they will redefine the term again. I wanted one answer and got 42. And I'm so grateful for that.