Kerry Shaw

Artifacts of Alchemy

The loss of my brother Stuart in 2001, inspired the creation of mystically based images, nuanced in remembrance. He was diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder and on April 25th, 2001, he made the ultimate of decisions and took his own life.

The details presented, are an exploration of the alchemy inherent in the larger heirloom of life: tiny, multi-layered, synaptic combustions, expressing the vast spaces and connectivity between mania and calm. The multi-dimensional veins are ever evolving, consequential, perpetual in nature and elaborately beautiful.

By transforming my longing for his presence into epic imagery, I am able to celebrate and construct visions of energy in all of life’s elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elixirs of life conspire to create and liberate.

Life in flow. Life in flux.

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